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Be Prepared

By Al Meder

When I was a young boy I was a member of the Boy Scouts. This is a wonderful organization which taught young boys so many basic skills. The Boy Scouts had a motto: “Be Prepared”.

These two words have so much meaning across life when you think about it. Apply these to your life and instill them in your children. Youngsters who read early are clearly better prepared for the challenges ahead. Youths who practice hard are generally better prepared to excel in sports. And likewise, preparation for the job you choose puts you in a better position to advance in your career.

Being prepared is also good when it comes to your family’s health. Drinking distilled water is a good preparation for a healthier life, as you remove the toxins, even those at very low levels, which your body would otherwise have to deal with. This has even more importance today.

I’m sure you have seen the daily reports of weather extremes. We are seeing record droughts in California. At the same time there have been unprecedented rains and flooding in Texas, Oklahoma and elsewhere in the US. This is not impacting the US alone. North and South Korea are in drought conditions, and New Zealand and Eastern Europe are having record rainfall and flooding. These extremes can have a profound effect on water quality. Water treatment plants in some areas can’t handle the volume of water effectively, while in drought areas water quality can be severely compromised.

Those families who are prepared have installed water distillers. A well-designed distiller can remove virtually all toxins from the water regardless of the water conditions. At the same time distillers are friendly to the environment – they simply don’t waste water.

So my advice is to tell your friends and neighbors about your distiller and the wonderful benefits of “being prepared” in the water you consume. You will be doing them a great service.

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Water Quality in a Drought

The Great California Drought: It’s been all over the news lately that California is getting into more and more trouble with the continuing drought and dwindling water supply. Not enough people are conserving it, crops need it and enforcing conservation is extremely difficult. While everyone is concerned about the amount of water being used, few people think about the quality of water being used.
During a drought, water levels are low because much of the water has been evaporated and not replenished. The water that is available will be more concentrated with contaminants. During these times, we can expect to see an increase in nitrates, organic and inorganic minerals, bacteria, pesticides and herbicides in the remaining water supply.
water treatment picIn addition, California’s municipal water treatment facilities will be pressed to treat and recycle the remaining available drinking water supply at a faster rate, which will adversely affect the quality of water. Many municipal water supplies will add additional chlorinate to the water to kill bacteria. This means it is very likely that Californians will be getting more chlorine in tap water then they are accustomed to.
What does this mean for the water conscious home consumer? Bottled water is an option. However, the consumer should be made aware that bottled water, if treated or filtered at all, is often of variable quality and will likely be of lesser quality in a drought when the available water inputs are of lesser quality. In addition, the process of bottling and filtering water is extremely wasteful for our resources and the environment. Finally, the cost of bottled water can quickly add up.
dirty-filtersThere are several options available for environmentally and cost conscious consumers. Home treatment systems known as ‘point of use’ POU systems for drinking water purification are a common option. These include barrier treatment methods such as ‘RO’ reverse osmosis, filtration and distillation. As with bottled water, RO systems are very inefficient and waste water. Also, with the increase in contamination, filters are not only going to deteriorate faster and need to be replaced more often, but their initial effectiveness will be lower. This can become especially expensive for RO systems which require regular replacement filters.
A sensible alternative are distillation POU systems. Distillation systems offer a high quality, eco-friendly and cost-conscious option. A quality U.S. made distiller will consistently remove 99.9+% of water contaminants without wasting a lot of water. Bacteria is killed in the boiling process and practically all of the contaminants are removed when the water becomes vapor and then re-condenses, leaving fresh, pure water for you and your family to drink.


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